Pegfree! A product which is brand new to South Africa. Simply slide your clothing on and off the line with ease...removing all the hassle of pegs!

 never hassle with pegs again

Please visit the Picture Gallery and Video Gallery for a demonstration of the PegFree. You will find our rates on the PRICES BY REGION page.


Adaptable: Each pack is 2 meters long, and can withstand up to 30kg's of weight. You can add or remove links to adjust the length of the line or join 2 packs of Pegfree line together.

Versatile: Can be used by both left and right handed people; simply change direction of the links.

Multipurpose: Can be used at home; while travelling or even camping.

Environmentally friendly: Pegfree is proudly a FULLY recyclable product.

Guaranteed: The Pegfree line has been built to last and will withstand the deteriorating effects of UV for years. Our links are guaranteed for 5 years.