What makes Mr Washline's products the best quality washline solution?

Why powder coat?

Untreated aluminum does not rust, but it can oxidize to form a chalky-white substance in place of rust.

When a new aluminum surface is exposed in the presence of air or any other oxidizing agent, it quickly develops a thin, hard film of aluminum oxide. This oxidization will result in the appearance of the aluminium deteriorating. It will also have the potential to soil your laundry.

The most popular trend used my modern property developers is to install aluminium powder coated window and doors. This achieves an acceptable finish to a building’s appearance.

Powder coatings offer a product greater protection from scratches, chipping, abrasions, corrosion, fading, deterioration, and general wear.

Another modern trend is to match charcoal and bronze aluminium washing lines with the charcoal and bronze windows, doors, gutters, and even light fittings.

Delivered fully assembled

The washing lines are delivered fully assembled and strung to your doorstep. No need to put the frame together, we have done that for you. Free deliveries in areas bordering Cape Town. All other areas are serviced by our established and reliable courier service providers.

The screws and instructions for fixing it to the wall are supplied with the washing lines.

Please refer to our to our You Tube video installation instructions in the gallery.

We have an installation service available in Cape Town and Johannesburg.

We are recruiting reliable and capable installers in all popular areas across South Africa.

Quality Products

The Foldaway comes in a variety of sizes. Our most popular seller is our 2,3 meters long by 80 cm wide. This washing line has 6 lines spaced approx. 10 cm apart and provides approx. 13.5 meters of hanging space. This washing line will accommodate normal queen size fitted sheets and duvet covers without having to fold them back. We have found this washing line to be the ideal size. The longest washing line that we manufacture is 2,6 meters long. This washing line caters for king size sheets. As a rule, we recommend that you do not go bigger than this. It is much better to purchase a 2nd and even a 3rd washing line should these not provide you with sufficient hanging space. In this way you can place your washing lines strategically to cater for the morning and afternoon sun. You may also consider installing one under cover to cater for the rainy season. The wall area where the line is to be fitted should ideally be flat and not have any fixtures such as copper pipes or cables in the way. Where the wall has obstructions, it may be necessary to attach spacer blocks behind the Washline brackets to clear these obstructions. The same principle would apply to vibracrete walls where the upright pillars may obstruct the back bar of the Foldaway washline. Spacer blocks are supplied on request.

Our washing line frames are made from 25mm x 1.5mm aluminium square tube. We have our own square tube die which means that imperfections such as die lines and other manufacturing flaws are eliminated.

All machine screws used are stainless steel. We have recently upgraded our washing line eyelets through which line is threaded from plastic to UV protected nylon which gives a neat professional finish.

We only use solid strong corner blocks which are also UV protected and come with a 5 -year guarantee.

Our washing lines are professionally epoxy powder coated to provide an attractive weatherproof finish.

The Foldaway has simple to operate stay support arms for lifting and lowering the washing line.

Folds flat against the wall

When not in use the Foldaway can be folded down using a very easy to operate mechanism. When lowered it fits very snugly against the wall. It is a great space saver and allows you to use the area for other fun activities.

Vibracrete walls

We have installed many of our washing lines onto vibracrete walls. Our 1.5 meter foldaway can normally be fitted to the upright pillars without much effort at all. When it comes to the larger washing lines there are however a few little complications.

The Foldaway has a back bar (for additional strength) and so ideally you need a flat wall for mounting. This can however be overcome on vibracrete walls which are not flat due to the upright supporting columns by using aluminium spacer blocks. The spacer blocks are attached to the vibracrete panels, but it does mean that we may need to drill through the panels. In the case where the vibracrete wall is shared with a neighbor you preferably need to get their permission as it may look a bit untidy on their side.

Ideally your washing line should be mounted at a height of about 1, 85 meters.