1The front and back bars
2The Left and right side arms
3Couch screws x 4
4Washers x 4
5Wall plugs x 4
6Wing Nut Line Tensioner
7The washing line cord

The Foldaway DIY Assemble Kit

The ideal way to transport the Foldaway. It is delivered in kit form in a strong cardboard tube.

We understand that some of our customers like to take this product to your holiday homes locally and abroad. This is a super easy way of transporting it by road or by air. The strong cardboard tube is only 10 cm in diameter.

Very easy to assemble. All you need is a rubber mallet to connect the arms to the front and back bars.

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Ideal for use outdoors and indoors

in courtyards, under roof eaves, by the pool or even in the laundry or the garage.

The Foldaway boasts a mechanism that is effortless to use and straightforward to operate when raising and lowering the washline. It is worth noting that only stainless steel machine screws were used in constructing it.

The white folding frame is perfect for when space is limited, especially during the winter months when it fits flush against the mounting wall when not in use.


Unlike the majority of washline products on the market, our washlines are made from aluminium. Most washing lines are made from steel or galvanized steel which have the potential to rust sooner or later. Aluminium does not rust and it is also VERY LIGHT which makes it extremely easy to operate. Our washing lines are professionally EPOXY POWDER COATED to provide a WEATHERPROOF FINISH. All of the machine screws used in the assembly of our washing line are stainless steel.

Versatile & Stylish

THE FOLDAWAY COMES IN A VARIETY OF SIZES. Our most popular seller is our 2,3 meters long by 80 cm wide. This washing line has 6 lines spaced approx. 10 cm apart and provides approx. 13.5 meters of hanging space. This washing line will accommodate normal queen size fitted sheets and duvet covers without having to fold them back. We have found this washing line to be the ideal size. The longest washing line that we manufacture is 2,6 meters long. This washing line caters for king size sheets. As a general rule we recommend that you do not go bigger than this. It is much better to purchase a 2nd and even a 3rd washing line should these not provide you with sufficient hanging space. In this way you can place your washing lines strategically to cater for the morning and afternoon sun as well taking into account the rainy season by installing one under cover.

Fast Delivery

DELIVERY TO YOUR VERY DOORSTEP is achieved by means of our established and reliable courier service providers. The fee for delivery is very reasonable. Customers in the Cape Peninsula area are encouraged to make use of our installation services.